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This module utilises a formula developed by Ryan et al which assists clinicians adjust oral anticoagulant doses in patients. It also recommends the time interval for the next follow up visit and prints a Patient Dose calendar if required. More info


CVD Management

The CVD Management module calculates 5-year CVD Risk and then progresses to decision support for the management of this risk. NZGG recommendations are interpreted and applied to the individual patient. More info


Diabetes Review

Complete your patient's annual diabetes review addressing their CVD risk, kidney, eye and foot health status. Resources available within the module include diet and lifestyle advice, green prescriptions, NZGG Interventions Guideline and links to Diabetes websites. More info


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bestpractice Decision Support by BPAC Inc

bestpractice Decision Support is a web-based system that is designed specifically to support general practice in the management of a patient’s health through screening, risk assessment, management and referral.

For more information about what bestpractice is and how it can work for you, see the Features section. Read the latest news on bestpractice. bestpractice is developed by BPAC Inc.

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