All about modules

Modules are integral to bestpractice. This section provides information about what bestpractice modules are, how they work, the different types available and the various ways they are distributed.

What are bestpractice modules?

Modules are software units that plug into the bestpractice application in order to extend its functionality. Any number of modules may be added to the system, though they are usually available in suites (see below). No installation is necessary to add subsequent modules.

There are several different types of module available. Some modules are small and focus on a particular task (the calculators in the Clinical Toolkit are a good example) others are larger and more complex (INR and CVD Management).

Module list

New modules are constantly being added to bestpractice. Many modules are available for general release (still others are specialised to certain localities). These modules provide a great variety of functionality to health professionals. View the list of generally available modules to see the comprehensive coverage bestpractice offers.

Module suites

bestpractice modules are typically distributed in collections called suites. Currently there are three distinct suites available. These are:

  • Primary Care suite
  • Performance Programme suite
  • Nationally Funded suite

These suites are described in more detail below along with a link to a list of the modules contained in that suite.

Primary Care suite

The Primary Care suite is the largest module collection available, containing 13 of the 23 modules (the remaining ten modules are available free of charge in the Nationally Funded suite). Purchasing this suite gives your practice access to the full functionality of bestpractice. Everything from the useful calculators in the Clinical Toolkit to the ever popular CVD modules.

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Performance Programme suite

The Performance Programme suite provides modules that permit a practice to complete their recording obligations for CVD and Diabetes under the PHO Performance Programme. There are three modules in this suite, two variations of CVD and a Diabetes module.

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Nationally Funded suite

The Nationally Funded suite is a group of ten modules that are available free of charge to New Zealand health professionals. The modules are funded by a variety of organisations. As a part of our contractual obligation to the funders, bestpractice is to be installed at every GP practice in the country and the modules in the Nationally Funded suite made freely available.

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Module suite matrix

The Module Suite Matrix makes the task of selecting the best module suite for your practice easier. It visually compares the modules available in each of the three suites, side by side.

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