How bestpractice functions

Integration with PMS

bestpractice is integrated with MedTech32 and MedCen. This integration allows the exchange of data between bestpractice and the PMS enabling bestpractice to utilise the wealth of demographic and clinical information, including co-morbidities and medications contained within the patient’s electronic medical record.

BPAC Inc has established strong working relationships with other PMS vendors, including IntraHealth, Houston and My Practice, and is currently trialling integration of bestpractice with these systems.

System requirements

  • Broadband internet access
  • Practice Management System

bestpractice modules

All bestpractice modules allow coding of disease states utilising the current Read coding system with the ability to convert to SNOMED when introduced to New Zealand. In particular the software interrogates the patient record for relevant disease codes and writes back any new diagnoses with coding under the Read system.

  • The system allows Recalls to be initiated and written back into the patient record.
  • Referrals to external individuals, agencies or organisations are automated with pre-population of appropriate demographic and clinical data.
  • Careplan development including customised patient information and advice.

IT infrastructure

The bestpractice software runs on servers using Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) allowing them to be accessed securely across the internet.

Communications between the PMS and the bestpractice server use SSL client certificates and are encrypted.

Maintenance and upgrades

bestpractice is a web-based system which allows timely upgrades or revisions to existing modules to be implemented through one centralised server. Notification of changes or upgrades to bestpractice occurs when the user logs on.

Support sevices

A support line is staffed from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The Helpdesk number is 0800 633 236.

bestpractice has a feedback function which enables practitioners to email enquiries about both clinical and technical issues. All feedback is acknowledged.

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