An introduction to bestpractice Decision Support

bestpractice is a web based decision support system accessed through a medical practice’s Practice Management System (PMS) and is designed specifically to support general practice in the management of a patient’s health through screening, risk assessment, management and referral.

There is flexibility that enables regional customisation to be built in, for example:

  • Specific eligibility criteria for services
  • Locality driven and funded programmes
  • Customisation of forms
  • Localised referrals

bestpractice provides clinicians with a path customised to an individual patient’s clinical state and can provide recommendations for management, based on current guidelines and best practice which is supported by internationally accepted resources such as the BNF.

bestpractice integrates with your PMS and has the ability to:

  • Extract Patient data e.g. demographics and lab results.
  • Write-back data e.g., referrals and clinical notes, screening terms and read codes.
  • Transfer actions to PMS e.g., prescription writing, recalls, invoicing.

bestpractice also has an electronic tool kit containing commonly used calculators as well as an electronic integrated Forms Server. It also provides clinicians with the ability to do online education and online case studies which can earn them CME points in New Zealand.

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