Installation & training

Installing bestpractice is a straight-forward process. Simply:

  • Contact us.
  • Registration, including digital certificate.
  • Installation (remotely or on site).
  • Training.

Training health professionals in the use of bestpractice

Training occurs after the installation and setup is completed.

Contact BPAC Inc to organise bestpractice training.

On site training

Training occurs at the practice as a one on one session and takes approximately 30 minutes per user. This approach takes longer to train everyone and is constrained by how busy the practice is on that particular day.

Off site training

For larger areas it is more practical to undertake off site training as more users can be trained at once.

Training occurs in larger groups (5–10) at a central location. The training is done on laptops and allows practitioners to concentrate solely on the training away from the busy practice environment. Full training takes 1 hour per group.


BPAC Inc has experienced facilitators to provide practice-based education and training to orientate staff for newly developed modules/new installations.

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